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Manifest your wildest dreams in all areas of a F.I.E.R.C.E. life

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You are F.I.E.R.C.E.

a F.I.E.R.C.E. life is a well-rounded life;

a F.I.E.R.C.E. life is a focused life;

Form + Fitness – your body

Imagination + Intellect – your mind

Empathy + Empowerment – your relationships

Riches + Resourcefulness – your resources

Character + Consciousness – your spirit

Evolve in Love with nuevolve

The F.I.E.R.C.E. acronym was designed to keep each area of your life front of mind as you pursue success grounded in love. 

“There are two motivating forces: fear and love”

Fall in Love

Repeat after me, “I love myself too much to frighten myself ever again.”
– Louise Hay.

You are too FIERCE to dwell in fear. Manifestation is more than just good goal setting. Manifestation requires you to drown doubt and fear by baptizing yourself in love. You will emerge in closer alignment with your deepest values.

How do you show up when you believe that you are unconditionally loved and supported? If you are unsure, your cohort of sisters will remind you. If ever you doubt your capacity to generate this love-fueled growth on your own, lock arms with your nuevolve sisters. They will remind you of your worthiness and hold you accountable intentional action.


When you join the nuevolve collective, you will receive:

  • stationery tools – a personalized bullet journal and some surprise paper goods will head your way for you to document your new commitments.
  • a clear process – You will define your highest aspirations for each of the five areas of your life. After assessing required resources and potential obstacles, you will detail and schedule action items to address your constraints and catalyze your growth.
  • multimedia curriculum – whatever your learning style, our program will help you to cultivate the practice of manifestation
    • live calls,
    • videos,
    • guided meditations,
    • growth assignments
    • community discussions
  • sisterhood- We specialize in heartfelt virtual experiences and sisterhood is woven into every module. 
  • support – you will have access to one-on-one mentorship throughout the entire process. You’ll also be able to ask questions, get feedback and connect with your fellow nuevolve sisters online.

I’ll never forget the conversation I had with Karlene. My desire to make a change was so strong but I felt fear creeping in with a layer of doubt as to how I was going to get there. Karlene looked at me with complete certainty and was the first to say, “Welcome back to Chicago!!!”. She helped me believe that I had all the tools and support to make this happen in a few short months.

Shafaq Choudry


Form + Fitness

Our bodies are physical presentations of ourselves to the world. It facilitates our ability to carry out daily activities and our greatest visions. What we put in and our body is significant and worthy of creating and scheduling tangible practices to manifest the best for our bodies.

Imagination + Intellect

We should stoke the fire of awe and use inspiration to synthesize realities that never existed before. The mind is a powerful tool. In this category, we will examine what we create with it and what we put into it to facilitate the manifestation of our wildest dreams.

Empathy + Empowerment

Our sense of belonging enriches our quality of life. The people around have the potential to serve as mirrors and supports in our journeys. In this module, we will create and schedule tangible practices to cultivate healthy relationships and to make meaningful contributions to society.

Riches + Resourcefulness

Let’s shift from a scarcity-based narrative about resources to an abundant perspective about resourcefulness. In this section, how to bring your resources into alignment with your greater goals.

Character + Consciousness

Every dream you aspire to will be born out of your beliefs about your identity and place in this life. If your goals are not in alignment with your values, you will experience dissonance and friction. In this module, you will create and schedule tangible practices rooted in your beliefs to encourage optimism and self-love.

Evolve with nuevolve

The nuevolve collective is for you if you want to manifest your wildest dreams in all areas of your F.I.E.R.C.E. life.

New start. Love centered. Evolve.


Doing the Work

The life balance systems presented by nuevolve have proven themselves to be effective, but nothing can replace your dedicated action. It is not miraculous, YOU are. You will be provided with loving support and effective tools, and if you are prepared to do the work, the nuevolve collective will work for you.


Computer Love

All of the content required to participate in the nuevolve collective is available to you in our online membership portal. The internet creates opportunities to form meaningful connections all around the world. There are so many fun surprises in store for you! 


Lifetime Access

Once the 40 days are complete, you will have lifetime access to all of the material released throughout the program so that you can revisit them whenever you feel inspired to. You will also have access to nuevolve’s growing library of masterclasses.

Not only did I brainstorm my goals and turn them into action items, I was able to fellowship and gain understanding from other like-minded women. Looking forward to exploring my creative side and meeting my goals!

Hana Hamid


Cultivating Sisterhood

Sisterhood requires vulnerability and commitment, to yourself and to each other. If you have a friend in the collective, ask them to invite you! We have found that bringing our members into the process helps to ensure an effective experience for each participant.

We then extend a brief application to all invitees. This process is not designed to exclude some and elevate others, but rather to ensure our ability to help everyone achieve success.

About Karlene Graham

As the CEO + founder of nuevolve, Karlene brings over a decade of project management and coordination experience to the table. These systems and processes are the foundation of consistent goal achievement. But years of climbing ladders leaning on the wrong walls taught Karlene that a meaningful life is one centered in love.

nuevolve is a response to the belief that a mind deeply aligned in love is the most fertile ground to evolve. 

In addition to her roles with nuevolve, you’re likely to find Karlene giving and receiving Love, with her journal in hand, on stages like SXSW, or scouting for venues for Sow the Seeds Retreats or leading meetings for the Baltimore Wellness Collective.

Apply to build a F.I.E.R.C.E. life with the nuevolve collective.
Evolve in love with nuevolve.

Karlene created a safe space that offered both organization and tools for success. I left with direction and clarity. I am so motivated to make lasting change in my life!

Katrina Ross Bryant

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nuevolve delivers life balance systems for ambitious women seeking
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